Technical instructions to authors for text creating


Exclusively unpublished manuscripts are accepted, which are submitted to the editorial board in electronic form (CD or e-mail) and in printed form to the editorial board's address. Manuscripts are not returned.

Manuscripts can fall into the categories of original scientific papaer, overview scientific paper, expert paper, research note or presentation from a scientific conference. The category of the paper is proposed by the author himself, and the final decision is made by the editorial board following an anonymous review procedure.

The extent of the papers should not exceed 32 text cards, or 57,600 characters with spaces. They are submitted in the Times New Roman font, with the font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing. Authors can also submit their papers in a foreign language (English, Arabic, Turkish).

In addition to the body text, the paper should contain:

- Title; it is stated before the body text.

- Abstract; it is provided below the title and cannot contain more than 250 words. It is written in the language of the body text.

-           Keywords; they are listed below the abstract and written in the language of the body text, and there can be a maximum of 5 keywords.

Attachments (if any) are submitted in a separate electronic form in one of the following formats: .tif, .jpg or .pdf, in a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

References, as well as notes and explanations, are given in the footnotes. The editorial board recommends the following method of referencing:

if a monographic publication is cited:

- Fikret Karčić, Socio-legal aspect of Islamic modernism, Sarajevo: Islamic Theological Faculty, 1990, p. 226

if an article published in a journal or collection of papers is cited:

- Husejn Djozo, "Does the issue of uncovering a woman have the religious or social character", Novi Behar, X, no. 12-14 (15.1.1937), p. 139-140.

- "Inaugural speech of the Raisu-l- ‘Ulama of the Islamic Community in the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia Ibrahim Effendi Fejić, held on the occasion of receiving the manshura (the authorization to perform the duties of Raisu-l- ‘Ulama) on September 12, 1947 in Gazi Husrev-beg's mosque in Sarajevo", Glasnik VIS, no. 1-3 / 1950, p. 23-24.

if archival material is cited:

- See e.g. Report of the AFŽ District Committee in Zvornik, sent to the AFŽ National Committee 3.8. 1947, the Archives of BiH (ABiH), AFŽ Fund, 1947, box 2, no. 745/47.

if contributions available via electronic media are cited:

- Alan Hopkinson, "The Alexandria Library and the work of the International Friends", Available at: 26 September 2005)

The journal also publishes reviews of books and periodicals, commentaries on scientific conferences, lectures and other scientific and specialist events. Book reviews should not exceed 12,000 characters and should include the name and surname of the author, the title of the paper, the name of the publisher, the place and year of publication, and the number of pages. The review of a particular issue of the journal should state the year, place and number of publication together with the name of the journal.

The text of the manuscript should be submitted with the note "For the Annals of Gazi Husrev-beg's Library" to the following address: Gazi Husrev-begova 46 Sarajevo, 71000 Bosnia and Herzegovina, or via e-mail at