The Focus and Area of Interest


The Yearbook Anali Gazi Husrev-begove biblioteke (the Annals of Gazi Husrev-beg's Library) is published by Gazi Husrev-beg’s Library in Sarajevo. The journal deals primarily with Islamic scientific disciplines and other areas related to the library collections of Gazi Husrev-beg’s library and historical materials from the cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A large number of academic, scientific and professional workers in the field of Islamic studies, history, cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, linguistics, librarianship, archival science and other disciplines, working in various scientific research institutions, faculties (in particular at the University of Sarajevo), libraries and other related institutions in the country and abroad, are involved in preparations for journal printing.

The first issue of the journal was published in 1972. In the 41 issues of the Annals thus far, 554 papers were published on about 9000 pages of text by more than 210 authors, with nearly one third of the papers written on the basis of manuscripts and archive materials kept at Gazi Husrev-beg's Library.

In the last issue, which is the 41st issue of the journal, 16 papers and 12 reviews and evaluations of the publication were published, in the preparation of which a total of 43 contributors participated, including authors of the papers (31), the members of the editorial board, reviewers and other administrative staff.