About sijills in Gazi Husrev-begs library

  • Azra Gadžo-Kasumović


Gazi Husrev-begs library in Sarajevo certainly represents the most valuable inheritor of historical cultural heritage originating from Bosnia of Othoman period. At year 1932. in the register of this Institution 84 protocols of Sheriah Court in Sarajevo and one of the similar Court from Mostar have been registered.  It is important to say that Gazi Husrev begs library within its archive of protocols has got 4 eldest protocols originating from XVI century. Up to date in its possession the library already has 88 protocols of huge value. The work of our colleaque, as known to us, represents the first effort to present by the attentive analysis the Gazi Husrev beg library’s archive of protocols in one integral text. Apart from the valuable infor- mation, all documents are namely presented, wether they were com- plete or incomplete, healthy or damaged, registered or non-registered. Also, it has been pointed out to which sheriah-legal territories every single protocol belongs as well as the name of every Qady who wrote it. This kind of historical heritage in scientific-research work is treated as valid and reliable sources for illuminating the historical circumstances in the past times, for strengthening of political and cultural fluctuations, economical and social occasions that, in this case, were dominating in Bosnia and were caracterizing the Othoman empire. In this regard it is important to evaluate the value of this research for the learning of history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.