Ulemanska i šejhovska porodica Muslihudina Užičanina iz XVII vijeka


Ključne riječi:

Užice, Halvetije, Derviški redovi


Muslihudin Užičanin Family of Ulama and Sheikh from the XVII century The Ulamas and Sheik family of Muslihudin Užičanin and his three sons, Hasan, Isa, and Ibrahim, with their deeds and work marked almost one century in then Užice. Educated in the biggest centers Cairo and Istanbul, and through taricat influence, they enjoyed great respect in their region and elsewhere. Belonging and propagating the halvetic order did not prevent them from participating in all segments of that society, and as a kadi, sheyk, vaiz, imamas, writers, translators, commentators and copyists of works on all oriental languages, they reacted on deviation in society in which they lived. With their complete work and deeds they confirmed their Sunni orientation of the halvetic order. With their active relation toward challenges of time in which they lived in and belonging to a dervish order meant good knowledge of Shariat and its use in everyday life. They made a path for others thinkers from this town like shayk Muhyuddin, Sabit Užičanin, Ibrahim Zikri and others.





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