Inšā᾽ u Gazi Husrev-begovoj biblioteci



This work in a humble way contributes to the reader’s knowledge of inšaa as a style in Arabic and Turkish literature. This style is possible to view from an aspect of language, literature, diplomatic, and even historicaly, taking into consideration concrete characters in which inšaa is used. However, in this work I decided to explain the high style and that which classifies these characters in artistic category. Having that in mind I, as an example, translated two models of patterns/characters, which are being held in the Gazi Husrev-bey Library, with explanation of key words and forms.

At the end, my aim was to point out once again the valuability of works in Gazi Husrev-bey’s Library, and show that our region had a sense for art, since some of these work originated from Bosnia.




Broj časopisa