Islam on postage stamp in the philately of stamp collection in the Gazi Husrev-bey’s library


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Filaterija, Tematska filaterija, Islam, Zbirke poštanskih maraka, Kolekcionari, Zulfikarpašić, Ihsan


The philately collection of Islam on postage stamp was given as a gift to the Gazi Husrev-bey Library in 1990. Author of the collection was late Ihsan Zulfikarpašić (1922-1990) who lived and worked for long time in United States of America, where he composed his valuable collection of postage stamps. The collection consists out of five albums in which the basic theme is Islam, further divided on: Islam in general, Islamic art, Islamic architecture, Islamic custom and well known Islamic scholars and writers.

The author of the collection described the meaning of each of the stamp and about some Islamic events or persons he gives a wider text. The author presented his collection of the postage stamps on different philately exhibitions and was awarded for his work. This article gives reviews of all thematic segments of the albums, presented almost on all postage stamp and motives which are shown on them.




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