Katastarski defteri u Arhivu Tuzlanskog kantona s kraja Osmanske uprave u Bosni


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Defteri, katastarski, arhiv, Tuzla, kadiluci,, Osmanlije


This paper gives information about five Ottoman defters (records) located in the Archives of Tuzla Canton. The defters are dating from the last decade of Ottoman rule in Bosnia, more precisely, between 1875 and 1878. Four defters are related to the district of Bijeljina, one however, to the district of Gračanica. The defters have printed form, in whose fields are reg- istered the data about the kind, location, size, quality, value and ownership of properties. The real estates as houses, stables, meadows etc. (freehold property), mosques, churches, cemeteries, schools etc. (public property), and big parts of the land (state-owned land assigned to large landholders by the state) are registered in these defters. The properties of endowments were scarcely inscribed. These surveys are valuable historical sources for the study of the land-owning elite, settlements, economy, place names, personal names and surnames in the recorded area.





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