Huffaz al-Qur’an in Gradačac, Modriča, Bosanski Šamac and Odžak

  • Nusret Kujraković, mr.dr.
Keywords: hafiz Kur’ana, Gradačac, Modriča, Bosanski Šamac, Odžak


This article presents short biographies of people who memorized the Qur’an and who, based on their place of birth and/or work, came from or lived during the last 200 years in the northern Bosnian towns of Gradačac, Modriča, Bosanski Šamac and Odžak. Ninety-eight huffaz are listed including 55 from Gradačac, 16 from Modriča, 15 from Bosanski Šamac and 12 from Odžak near Modriča. The great majority of them were educated in Bosnia, while a few studied in Turkey. Most of them worked in the religious and education sector. All were socially active and made notable contribution to the religious, educational and cultural life of the Muslim community.