Reflections of Attar’s gnostic teachings in the poetry of Hasan Kaimi

  • Mubina Moker, dr.
Keywords: šejh Kaimija, šejh Attar,, ljubav, ‘ešq, ljubavna bol, sejri- suluk, uvejsija


In Bosnian culture, the second half of the 17th century is marked by the appearance of Hasan Kaimi or Kaimija, also known as Kaimi-baba, a Sufi shaikh, a poet and a personality of distinct spirituality. The article addresses some key points of reference in Kaimi’s gnostic teachings, which he presented in verse, and identifies the influence of Fariduddin Attar on the formation of his thought. The article also considers common features in both Kaimi and Attar’s notions of seyr-i suluk.