Translation and ideology

illustrated with translations from the Turkish language published in the period from 1945 to 1992

  • Sabina Bakšić, prof.dr.
Keywords: prevođenje, ideologija, turski jezik, bosanski jezik


This paper analyses the translations of Turkish language works published from 1945 to 1992 in the lands of the former Yugoslavia with a focus on the former Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It explores the question of whether the choice of translations was influenced by ideological criteria and to what degree these coincided with aesthetic ones. The author focuses on the prefaces to translated texts written by translators and editors where the motivation for translation is more clearly expressed or at least discerned through statements about the work in question. It also aims to answer the following question: to what extent was it necessary to translate the cultures these languages belonged to, considering that, during a specific historical period, certain parts of the former Yugoslavia belonged to Oriental-Islamic civilisation?