Chronograms by Ćamil Silajdžić

  • Mensur Malkić, mr. hfz.
Keywords: Hafiz Ćamil ef. Silajdžić, bošnjačka književnost na orijentalnim jezicima, tarihi na arapskom jeziku, citatnost i intertekstualnost u tarihima


The author analyses themes and stylistic features of the Arabic chro- nograms composed by hafiz Ćamil-effendi Silajdžić (1916–1997). While presenting both published and unpublished chronograms, he analyzes their intertextual links with the Qur’anic text. Silajdžić served as a teacher at Gazi Husrev-beg Madrasa and the prayer leader and Friday preacher at Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque. As a result, he left a strong imprint on the social and education life of Bosnia’s Islamic Community. Apart from his contribution to the art of Qur’an recitation, he also left a valuable literary work in the form of chronograms (tarih) and is considered one of the last men who cultivated this form of writing in Bosnia.