Muftiship and muftis in Livno

  • Elvir Duranović, dr. hafiz
Keywords: muftija, Livno, Kliški sandžak, muftije u Livnu, muftijstvo u Livnu, muftija Abdullah, Ibrahim Munib, Muhammed Karabegović, kadija Abdullah Karabegović, Šakir Kuvidlić


At the time of Ottoman rule, Livno was an administrative center of the Klis Sanjak that had been established after invasion of Klis in 1537. Due to the proximity of an insecure border, a more significant development of Livno did not begin before mid-15th century. It lasted until a little before 1851. However, although the muftiship was active for two full centuries, we have so far identified only four muftis of Livno: Abdullah-effendi, Ibrahim- effendi Munib, Muhamed-effendi Karabegović, and Šakir-effendi Kuvidlić. The intention of this paper is to point out the specificity of muftiship in Livno and to present the existing data on the above mentioned muftis.