Wakf of Svirac mosque in Gradačac

  • Nusret Kujraković, mr.ef.
Keywords: vakuf, Sviračka džamija, mukata, vakif, Svirac, wakf, Svirac Mosqu, founder


The focus of this paper is on the wakf of Svirac Mosque through mid- 20th century. The wakf had been established along with the construction of the mosque in Svirac between 1801 and 1819. Osman-captain and mufti Ahmed-effendi Mulaibrahimović-Svirac are among its most prominent founders. According to the census of 1933, the wakf owned 45,259 square meters of land, mosque, maktab, several houses, and two shops. During the Austro-Hungarian period, a land law was adopted according to which the wakf was deprived of 125,754 square meters of land in favor of ex renters. The wakf income was used to cover the expenses of real estate maintenance and for salaries to clerics.