Works of Ahmed Efendi Beyadi-zade Boshnaq

  • Muharem Omerdić, mr.


Ahmed Beyadi-zade Boshnaq has a reputation as a Bosniak classical author. He has contributed to the Aqaid, ‘Ilmu’l kalam and Shari’a law. He was a well known scholar. In the Turkish-Ottoman Empire he occupied the highest teaching and jurisprudential positions. It is not known that he has written any other work in the field of Shari’a law except Kitabu ‘s-sakk, which was meant for qadis who were without experience. This work analyzes the skills and arts of the profession of judges; especially steps needed to handle court procedure and to keep the court documentation. In the field of aqaid, he has written more works. Among them are El- Usulu ‘l-munife li ‘l-Imami Ebu Hanife and Isaratu ‘l-meram min ‘ibarati ‘l-Imam. His second work made him known in the field of Aqaid as well. In the first work he systematized issues recorded in Aqaid treaties of Abu Hanifa as well as Ahadith from his collection Musnada, related to Aqaid issues. In the second work he gave commentary of the first work. In this paper another work of Beyadi-zade has been analyzed for the first time and will be presented to the scholars in Bosnia and elsewhere.

All his works, which are kept in different libraries in the world, are in the form of manuscripts. Some of them are kept in the Gazi Husrev- bey Library in Sarajevo.


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