Turkish vocabulary in the dictionary of the Makbuli Arif Muhamed Hevai Uskufi

  • Kerima Filan, prof.dr.


The first Turkish-Bosnian dictionary and generally the first work of this kind appeared in region of the Balkan during the Ottoman time (17th century) was a Maqbuli Arif or Potur Shahidi of Muhammed Hevai Uskufi (died 1041/1631). This work, apart, from presenting to the reader’s author’s work, deals with a very important topic in the field of philology of the Ottoman-Turkish language. More precisely it deals with structure of its vocabulary and interlingual impact within family of the oriental languages: Arabic-Persian-Osmanli Turkish. Our Uskufi, with an excellent knowledge of those languages, followed this linguistic process from the perspective of its three key stages: structural-progression attained results in the field of lexics and renovation of the Osmanli-linguistic lexics by reducing Arabic-Persian foreign words in it. That process, as a general linguistic phenomenon, effected Osmanli-Turkish language and Bosnian as well, which lexicon has vocabulary of all three oriental languages: Arabic, Persian and Turkish Đ the three main languages of Islamic cultural and civilization circle.

Process of interlingual influence in the area of lexical interlace and enrichment started in the beginning of the 12th century, in the period between 15th -17th century reached peak of intensity and accomplishment on literary and speech level, and from the 18th to 20th century this process achieved significant results in the field of renovation by reducing Arabic-Persian borrowings from the Osmanli Turkish vocabulary.

The language of Havaiis dictionary is very clear, and the fact that in it exist 90% of terms included in the modern Turkish dictionaries, give us the right to conclude that language of Havai participated in the same percentage in modern Turkish language in which composing significantly participated our writer-linguist.

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