About the city mosque in Travnik

  • Aladin Husić, dr.


High ranking officials of the Ottoman Empire built the first mosques. Among them were sultans Mehmed II, Bajazid II and Sulejman the Magnificient. At the end of their reign there were 25 mosques built, which carried the epithet ‘imperial’.The oldest mosque in Travnik, belongs to that group even though there was a dilemma about time of its construction. Most of the authors have an opinion that it was built during reign of Bajazid II, when according to the same sources Travnik finally fell to the Ottoman rule. Other authors were of opinion that it was built during reign of Mehmed II, which means before 1480. Sources used in these work tell about same building in connection with both names.

After the research that has been done about this mosque it has been confirmed that, it is the same mosque, which got another name during the time most probably because of renovation and extention of the previous building. To conclude, the oldest mosque in Travnik was built during reign of Sultan Mehmed II. It was until year 1480. That mosque was built within a castle and carried his name. During the time the name of the mosque was changed and got another name now: Sultan Bajazid hane.

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