The Islamic youth association in Sarajevo ( 1905.-1910.)

  • Samija Sarić, hist.


The Islamic Youth Association was founded in 1905 on the initiative of Safet-bey Basagic. The first meeting was held on 16 of November 1905. Sixty eight prominent persons attended meeting. The first president of this association in Sarajevo was Safet-bey Basagic; deputy president was Asimaga Hadzi Sabanovic, the first secretary Mustaj-bey Halilbasic, the second secretary Edhem ef. Mulabdic, treasurer Muhamed ef. Salic, editor of the newspaper Dr. Mustafa Denislic, administrative clark Hasan ef. Hodzic and Salih ef. Alicehic as caretaker. In the year 1907 the members of the committee changed. The president becomes Asimaga Hadzi Sabanovic. A new committee with a new president began to change the rules and the name of the association. Now it is under the name Islamic club of Sarajevo.

Islamic club of Sarajevo, the successor of the Islamic youth associa- tion in Sarajevo stopped its activities in the beginning of the year 1910. According to a statement given by president Sabanovic, social work stopped, apartment was revoked and newspaper publication stopped. All books of the Association were handed over to the attorney Dr. Hrasnica to settle unpaid membership fees.

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