Opus by Ḥasan al-Būsnawī H̱ uṭab taslīm mahr wa ğawābuha

  • Semir Rebronja
  • Munir Mujić, prof. dr.
Keywords: Arabic literature, Hasan al-Būsnawī, oratory, sermon, prose


This paper will present the manuscript work of H̱ uṭab taslīm mahr wa ğawābuhā by Ḥasan al-Būsnawī al-Madanī (b. 1190), which contains the ser-mons made by this author on the occasion of delivering a wedding gift and on marriage. The paper presents the social and historical environment in which these sermons were made. The formal and stylistic features of the sermons were analyzed. The sermons were also analyzed in view of their actuality, i.e. the possibility of identifying the social relations in Medina at the time of their creation, as well as the relations in the Ottoman Empire itself at that time.

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