Mustafa Ćišić, mufti of Blagaj and his codex Fatawa Magmu’asi

  • Ismet Bušatlić, prof. dr.


Even basic bio-bibliographic details about mufti of Blagaj Mustafa Cisic are not known. What is certain is, that he died in year 1211/1797 and was buried in the graveyard Carina in Mostar. He has left an unfinished project of codification of fatawa named Fatawa magmu’asi of the muftis of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This manuscript codex (RĐ4036) has been kept in the Gazi Husrev-bey Library in Sarajevo. This work is divided into two parts. The first, bigger one, encompasses 51 topics (kitab) and some subtopics (bab) from the basic religious belief (al-Masa’il al- muta alliqa bi ilmi l-hal): about cleanliness, prayer, zakat, fasting, pil- grimage, marriage, breast feeding, impotence, waiting period after dissolution of marriage, nursery, alimony, free a slave, oath, criminal law, discretion law, war campaign, head tax, flee slave, missing person, busi- ness association, endowment, purchase sale, representation, testimony, authorization, litigation, confession, settlement, investment, landing, gift, rent, agents, testament, inheritance, compulsion, limited legal capability, usurpation, mortgage, preemption, guardianship, foundling, slaughter, manners, cultivation of land, hunting, alcoholic drink, pawn blood feud, compensation, land dispute, taxes, miscellaneous, etc.

The second, smaller part includes fatawa based on legal regulations on state owned land (erazi mirii) (Fasl fi al-Qanun al-mansura fi al-aradi al-amiriyya) classified in 32 subtopics (bab). Number of included fatawa varies from topic to topic, but some of them remained undealt with. There are themes in which we can find fatawa issued by a mufti from a particular town, while in another we can find fatawa issued by many of muftis from different places.

In Cisic’s collection we can find fatawa of muftis of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among them are: (Hasan, Mustafa, another Mustafa, third Mustafa / al-ma’dun (bi l-ifta’) bi Mostar/, Salih, Ahmed, shayk hadji Ahmed, Fevzi and Ali, another Ali /al-ma’dun bi l-ifta’ bi Mostar/), from Blagaj (Mustafa, Alija, vaiz Alija), from Blagaj and Ljubinje (vaiz Alija), from Sarajevo (Mustafa, Sayyid Muhammad, hadji Muhammad, Shaykh Muhammad and Sarajevo cadi Husein), from Prusac (Mustfa, Ibrahim, Meho), from Prusac and Travnik (Mustafa), from Prusac and Livno (Ibrahim), from Travnik (Muhammad, shaykh Muhamed, hadji Ebu Bekra), from Banja Luka (sheykh Muhammad), from Foca (Sulejman’s Sekib), from Pljevalja (Ahmed). Certain Mustafa al-ma’dun bi l-ifta’, whose location is not indicated, and Muhamad Emin (katabahu al-faqir Muhammad amin ‘afa ‘anhu) and Abdullah (katabahu al-faqir ‘Abdullah ‘afa ‘anhu) for whom there no information neither regarding to right to issue fatawa nor the place where they served.

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