Contributions for history in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Mina Kujović, prof.


In the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina there always were books and different manuscripts which were preserved because they were precious and expensive. During the Ottoman rule in our region, in the Muslim houses, and in the other Muslim religious institutions books written in oriental languages using Arabic alphabet (printed as well as copied ones) were appreciated. They were of special value especially because of their religious Islamic content.

When in 1884 shaikh al-Islam from Istanbul warned mufti of Sarajevo and rais al-ulama effendi Mustafa Omerovic and National government of Bosnia and Herzegovina that, there are many old books and manuscripts in oriental languages which were due to negligence exposed to ruin (decay). This warning was followed by different reactions. Mufti Omerović was surprised with this warning, because according to his knowledge in Bosnia there were books but they were properly recorded and well kept. National government for Bosnia and Herzegovina under orders from Vienna decided to establish a fund for protection and preservation of old books in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was ordered that all books be collected, orderly registered and recorded so as to be preserved. From the accessible written sources it was not possible to learn whether it was done and which method was used for preservation of the books.

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