Challenges in establishing a sustainable library collection protection system in the case of National and University Library in Zagreb

  • Dragica Krstić
  • Saša Tkalec
Keywords: protection management, resilience, cirtical conditions, disaster, national library


By establishing and developing the material protection system of the National and University Library in Zagreb (hereinafter referred to as the Library) in the conditions of a crisis, the Library recognizes and confirms that the success of the Library’s work is directly related to its success in protecting and securing the availability of material, and that through its research and pre-sentation to the public contributes to the identity, innovation and community development at local / regional and national levels.
The Crisis Management System is a set of continuous, integrated and networked activities, protocols, information, resources and collaborators that ensure the effective utilization of all available resources to achieve the highest possible level of security of the Library’s material and of the institution’s resi-lience to threats. Assessment of vulnerability, risk and resilience assessment, as well as identifying the best opportunities to increase the resilience of mate-rials to crisis conditions, increases the level of readiness of the Library for the expected critical conditions.
The main objective of the Library’s written heritage protection system, both in crisis and in the ordinary course of business, is to minimize deviations from benchmarks and conditions that describe the recommended conditions for preserving and protecting its library holdings and cultural heritage.
Another objective of the material protection system is to increase the resi-lience of the Library in order to reduce the frequency and likelihood of devia-tions from the benchmarks in regular and critical conditions, and to minimize losses and costs, as well as the unavailability of material or services.
Considering that the space of the building is used by a large number of beneficiaries, it is necessary to harmonize the procedure and the obligation to participate in the system of protection of the Library’s materials in regular and critical conditions.
Sustainability of the system is aimed at reducing operational costs, con-ducting activities that are not harmful to persons, living and working space and the environment, increasing the efficiency and focus of business proce-sses on results, creating domestic and foreign solidarity partnerships, holding workshops, seminars, trainings, exercises and national and international conferences, etc.

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