The Gazi Husrev-bey bezistan and tashlihan in Sarajevo

  • Vera Štimac
  • Samija Sarić


In the year 1889 Waqf administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with permission of Provincial government, hired architect Cerni to measure and to sketch a plan of Tashlihan and Bezistan (marketplace), for the need of renovation and earlier planned partition of this com- mercial center, which was heavily destroyed by fire in 1879. Architect Cerni did measurement and made plans. Plans were complimented with record of all users of the business offices of the Tashlihan and Bezistan. Survey of owners, beside their names and sur- names, had also ratio in square meters of the lots and “Current number of property”. These numbers were written in lots of “Plans”. Based on this lot of each individual merchant could be established, and recon- struction of the Tashlihan and Bezistan as it was in year 1889-1890 made possible. According to “Survey of owners’ building had 180 lots. Out of these 143 (from 1-140+70a+70b+108a) were based on ground floor, and 37 (from 141-177) on the first floor. The total area of all 180 lots was 3354,90 m (ground floor 2307,20 m and first floor 1047,70 m).

Tashlihan and Bezistan made one unit divided into individual lots - shops, marked with current number of “Survey of owners”. Based on this it could be determined each marchant’s place of work, number of shops which he possessed, whether he worked alone or had co-owner and the like.