Derviš-pasha Bajezidagić and his work “Zubdetu’l Es’ar’’


Ključne riječi:

dvorski pjesnik, mistik, historijska ličnost, bosanski begler- beg, zadužbine, Murat III, Kovin Adas, djela


In this short work we shall try, by using the autobiographical poetry of Derviš-pasha Bajazidagić, to point out on Derviš-pasha as a poet and Bosnian beglerbey. Further we will turn attention to one of Bajazidagić’s works, which is now unknown in bosnian-herzegovinia  literary  history. The work is entitled “Zubdetu’l-Es’ar’’ (manuscript: Topkapi Saray Muzesim Kpt. REVAN – No. 824), which was presented to the public by Karatay, in his Catalogue, wrongly attributed to Saddedin, while correction on this was given by Zehra Toska. She showed that it was instead, the work of Derviš-pasha Bajazidagić from town of Mostar, who was in 1582 at the time of writing this work, a scholar at the Court, and fifteen years later become a bosnian beglerbey.




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