Nekoliko fetvi iz Arhivskog fonda Gazi Husrev - begove biblioteke u Sarajevu


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Fetva, arhivski fond GHB, Ulema medžlis, pitanja-odgovori


During the process of the arrangement of archive materials of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina we have singled out 58 fatwa which dated from period of 1918-1945 and 1945-1990. Fatwa were issued by: Reis-ul-ulema, President of Ulama medjlis who was in same time fetva-i-emin, and mufti. A fatwa presents an answer to the question posed to religious authority from different spheres of human life and social surroundings in one period of time.

The archive material of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina is stored in the Gazi Husrev-bey Library in Sarajevo. It originated from the work and functioning of the organ and institution of Islamic community in different periods: period Ottoman reign, Austro-Hungarian period, period of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the period of the German occupation and “Independent state of Croatia’’ then period of Socialistic regime of Yugoslavia.

The materials are arranged in archive and accessible to the researchers. Most of the materials are written in Bosnian, fewer in Osmanli, Arabic, German and other languages. The most important material present materi- als from the work of: Ulema majlis, Territorial waqf commission, Territorial waqf commissariat, Territorial waqf directorate, Waqf-mearif parliament board, Waqf head office, Waqf-mearif department of the district of Sarajevo, Waqf-mearif department of the district of Kotarsko in Sarajevo, Archive material of mufti in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarjevo, Tuzla, Mostar, Banjaluka, Travnik, Bihać), High Islamic Representative of Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, Head of Islamic Community in Socialist republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and archive material of djemat board of Islamic Community in Socialistic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For this occasion we have prepare some fatwa in their authentic form which originated in the mentioned periods. The numbers of fatwa present the ordinal numeral under which fatwa was recorded in the archive collection of Islamic community.




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