History by Ibrahim Alajbeg Pečevi: a contribution to the study of the Ottoman policy of istimâlet

Attachment to the study of Ottoman policy of istimâlet

  • Sedad Bešlija, mr.
Keywords: istimâlet, istimâlet politika, müdâra, Tarih-i Peçevi, Osmanska država, Bosna (Bosanski ejalet)


 This work presents terminological, historical and administrative meaning of the term istimâlet (accommodation). It provides a brief historical sketch of the Ottoman state doctrine and policy of accommodation in the newly-won provinces and presents social segments and forms in which it was practiced, primarily until the end of the 16th century. The second part of the article highlights those sections of Pečevi’s History in which the term is used. In this way, the terms istimâlet and the policy of istimâlet are linguistically qualified and historically contextualized through the prism of Pečevi’s work from the early 17th century.