When two voices become one: on the phenomenon of intertext in Oriental-Islamic literature

  • Berin Bajrić, Dr.sc.
Keywords: Qaṣīda al-Burda, tahmis, intertekstualnost,, orijentalno- islamska književnost, Abdulah Salahudin Uššaki


This article is concerned with Abdulah Salahudin Uššaki Bošnjak’s Tah- mis on al-Busiri’s poem Qasīda al-Burda. From the point of view of stylistics and literary theory, it analyzes the relationship between al-Busiri’s verses as the proto-text with Uššaki’s verses as the meta-text. The relationship between the two texts is viewed from poetic and aesthetic standpoints.

The two poets belong to two different and historically distant epochs: al-Busiri lived in the 13th century and was part of Arabic literature, while Uššaki lived in the18th century and belonged to Turkish literature. As expected, important new conclusions were reached given the vast period between the two authors and considering the great journey and the experience of literary tradition between the 13th century in Arabic literature (al-Busiri) until the 18th century in Turk- ish literature (Uššaki).