Contrastive Analysis of Arabic Syntax in Bosnian Grammars of Arabic Language

  • Mejra Softić, dr.
Keywords: arapska sintaksa, kriteriji klasifikacija, sintaksičke analize, klauze, Arabic syntax, sentence, criteria and classification, syntax analysis, clause


Summary: Grammars of Arabic language written in Bosnian language include different methodological approaches to studying of Arabic syntax. Only two grammars deal with syntax separately and in a wider context of its understanding while sentence syntax is mainly discussed selectively, intended for practical needs of incorporating morphosyntax elements into sentences of different informational character and grammatical structure.

Because of the nature of criteria used by authors in classifications and analyses of Arabic syntax on one hand, and traditional criteria followed by Arab authors, both in classical and modern grammars, on the other hand, the purpose of this paper is to determine presence of syntax analyses in Arabic language grammars written in Bosnian language, as well as methodological patterns applied by their authors in sentence classifications. It also attempts to use comparative analyses of classical and modern sources in order to indicate what methodologies and criteria Arab authors traditionally implement when interpreting and classifying sentences. The purpose is to estimate if their approach to classification and analysis in Bosnian grammars of Arabic language is justified.